It’s not easy to wash a car despite so many Alpha males in the area taking care of their cars more than their own wives.
This was a real challenge for me.
To wash a car may sound simple to some, but not for me.
My performances are not quite polished.
First of all: I am maladroit. By maladroit I mean that I can entangle myself with the hose instead of spraying the surface of the car.
I am not meticulous. This is opposite of meticulous.
I cannot be focused on the car for more than 15 minutes. This means that I am not able to canoodle the windshield with sponge, and at the same time for it to last long and new stains to reappear that are hard to be taken out.
I am not elastic. This implies my body performances.
“Snorkelling” with the vacuum cleaner in the backseat. Well, I can’t endure that position, I haven’t even seen it in Kamasutra.