Every culture is different in its unique way and every culture has shown its uniqueness through history in more ways but mostly through festivals. In this festival episode, we will see how the Christians from the Baltics mark their traditions by hosting an event in Tallinn, Estonia where young people dance and sing old songs and dances. We will see the most beautiful festival in Tahiti, and I won’t say anything else about it on purpose to leave you questioning… We will learn different creative crafts in New Zealand. We will get to know the Norwegian food and drinks at a festival in Trondheim. The entire episode is interesting, but the most interesting part for me personally is the craziest carnivals I have ever attended in Rio and Salvador in Brazil.  Dancing people, beautiful music, laughs, violence but also a lot of happiness. I will take you where the cameras do not go, on the streets, ghettos, where the craziest parties are and where my small camera was the only medium and everyone positively accepted me. Or maybe not?  Join us and see. 🙂