Injustice has its gradation. The highest degree of injustice is forgetfulness. It is even higher when people close to you forget you. Macedonia has experienced the generations, born in the second half of the 20th century, to forget about 90% of its glorious history.
If we look at the only published official History of the Macedonians so far, we will find that it extends to three volumes of about 330 pages covering a period of ten thousand years. That’s a good figure, for sure. However, if we delve a little further into this book, we will notice the strange distribution of events and deeds that marked the time of our predecessors.
Namely, the first volume of the book covers 9900 years of the history of the Macedonians, the second volume covers 100 years, and the last volume is dedicated to 27 years of our history only.
So, the density of information about the time, deeds and lives of our ancestors is mainly directed towards the middle of the 20th century, i.e. the years around World War II.
More than evident is the huge void in our memory of what our ancient ancestors created in the distant and glorious Macedonian past.
It is a fact that we, the Macedonians of today, are so little aware about our predecessors, their way of life, their deeds and the buildings before the 19th century that we cannot even compose a few simple sentences about it.
This data is striking, scary and startling, but there is no place for panic. In Macedonia there is everything but oblivion. This Macedonian ground, with its wisdom and memory, can remind us that it is the cradle of the world civilization. Because the greatest historical events, which are civilization-relevant to the whole globe, took place at a period for which we were least interested and least informed.
It is precisely from this lack of information about the Macedonian past that the motive and the need for realization of a project such as CV Macedonia arises.
The project is conceived as a series of 12-to-15-minute short documentary films, which will focus on the life in this area in the Neolithic period (Young Stone Age) until the nineteenth century of our era.
Each of the sequences will deal with a separate topic.
The crew of this series, led by our renowned architect and researcher of the Macedonian cultural heritage Arch. Vangel Bozhinovski, will try to give a new, alternative reading, re-examining, reinterpreting and supplementing the distant history and genesis of our people.
In addition to the author and host Bozhinovski, more than twenty experts in the field of archaeology, ethnology and history will participate as guests in the series: Pasko Kuzman, Vasil Iljov, Angelina Markos, Risto Ivanovski, Katrin Kolnezh (French Royal Institute), Tashko Belchev, Odisej Belchevski, Dragi Mitrevski, Anica Georgievska, Vele Aleksovski, Dushko Aleksovski, Marika Vasileva and others.
The series will be filmed at more than 100 locations around the country and will feature many unknown and interesting data about our ancestors, data on how they were organized, what their diet, clothing, architecture, art, communication, religious rites were. We will also see what our ancestors were afraid of, but also what they were happy about, how they made money, how they thought, what names they had, and many other information that would arouse interest in the general public in our country and beyond.

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