Everyone can try to work whatever job they may do. And to be the best in what they know. How little do we need to be good? Good for ourselves, good for others, good to others? Good in what we do. Good in how we treat others.

When was the last time you helped your neighbour do some work together? How many occupations have you tried to be successful at? Do you only remember the money you made last year or you remember the good deeds that others did for you as well?

How many good deeds have you done for strangers? How much do you respect other occupations, or do you think only yours is the best? Are athletes your heroes or doctors are your heroes? I want to get to know every one of them. With their capabilities. To get to know their kindness as people. How can we be better toward others? With respect? YES! With big YES.

This year I set myself a goal to get to know one hundred (100) different occupations and to work on their work. To see how their bread is baked. Feel free to invite me. I tried to make pizza as a chef. I can. I tried to replace a tire as a motor mechanic. I can. I tried to produce music. I can. I tried to clean the apartment of an unknown girl. I did laundry, cleaning, moping. I can. I tried to clean the giraffe’s habitat. I can. I tried to work in hardware shop. I can. Tourist guide? I can. AIKIDO coach. I can. Waiter? I can. To sell insurance policies? I can. To be a dairy product distributor? I can. Do you know that I know how to install laminate? You bet I know! I was with the firefighters and saw sacrifice and courage. Priceless experience!

I will try to do a hundred more occupations. You are certainly better professionals than me in your core occupation, just as I am good in my core occupation – as an actor. But I will try to remain good. Good person. One of you. Call me, we’ll get to know each other’s occupation and work together! – Rubens Muratovski

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