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Marjan Gjorgjievski has 15 million views on YouTube!

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MARJAN GJORGJIEVSKI – LIVE is another project of NASHA TV, which is unique in its essence, not only in our media space.

MARJAN GJORGJIEVSKI – LIVE is a documentary film series of the Cabaret genre, very popular in the world, the stand-up comedy. This particular way of entertainment, or making the club’s audience laugh, by an actor, comedian who “improvises” on the stage in his own script, scenic and visually packaged form, now gets the form of TV stand-up comedy – MARJAN GJORGJIEVSKI – LIVE on NASHA TV.
More precisely, MARJAN GJORGJIEVSKI – LIVE is a documentary film series that presents the adventures, challenges and all the ups and downs that happen to the actor and stand-up comedian Marjan Gjorgjievski. We look at his personal, social and professional life. We are following all the way “behind the camera” to the ultimate goal (writing stand-up comedy material, creating plays, fighting for life and finding a way to survive in Macedonian reality). You will have the chance to look in the background of: Marjan’s real life, without censorship, and the brutally funny plot twists that await him. Watch him on NASHA TV for more.

Fierce and charismatic actor Marjan Gjorgjievski will make you laugh with his MARJAN GJORGJIEVSKI – LIVE show. Following the concept of STAND UP comedy, Marjan Gjorgjievski has successfully created a “new” genre – stand up reality show. He presents everyday situations and problems through a dynamic set-up from a different point of view, which makes viewers laugh, pointing out that every situation in life contains comic elements and that laughter is an integral part of life.

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