I am sure you know the story of Picasso. In the peak of his fame, Picasso has designed several product logos.
He was visited by a man who had a soup factory. His trademark was the ROOSTER. He asked Picasso to design a logo for him. A rooster.
Picasso told him to return back in a few months.
The man came to Picasso’s studio a few months later.. He introduced himself and told him that he is here for “his” logo.
Picasso responded him that he barely remembers him, leaving the man puzzled of the reaction.
Picasso took a piece of paper and asked the man- rooster, you say?
– Yes, rooster.
Picasso “scribbled down” several lines that looked like a rooster. And handed him the paper.
– There you go…
The man remained shocked of how sloppily Picasso did that. He even rebelled:
– Wait, why so fast? With just one move you made a few lines and you want to sell me this immediately as a logo-Rooster???
Picasso then took him to one of the rooms in his house. He opened the door and there was no a single spot in the room where various roosters were not drawn.
In order to get to that single move, he had to go through all of that drawing…
These are the nice things we have to have somewhere back, behind our make-up, behind that social mask of ours.