Ah, what pathetic cry-babies are we…
This is how a play was created that was played a hundred times (and with the number 100) on the stage of our Bitola Theatre.
To put it into the words of a fellow colleague: Just coming to the theatre to wear the same costume a hundred times represents a challenge, let alone performing the play 100 times.
You leave all the “dirt” behind the door and just perform.
I am asking myself: would I watch the same play for four or five times? What is the magic of the theatre?
Ah, what pathetic cry-babies are we… The moment you can’t wait for a process, a performance to end. Only a few days of pause and then again you want to start with a new play, with a new process, with new challenges, quarrels, arguments. For someone it would be absurdity, while for us it is everything.