Imagine, having stand-up performance in Munich!
When someone would ask how did it go with “our people” in Munich, I tell them: It was as we were here in Prilep, Kavadarci or Skopje… .
Why? Young people who left to earn their living in Germany have taken an evening off to come for a stand-up show in Macedonian language. In the city centre.
Sasho says: I would like to bring an entire theatre performance here one day.
The evening that followed, the “Serbian” diaspora had a show at that same stage. In Australia and in the United States and Canada, we met with Serbs and Croats everywhere. And there they seem to be living in some unspoken Balkan community.
One feels both happy and sad, all at the same time, that those people did not stay here. They are my audience who have “hit the road” looking for their way. That would be “Truth is stranger than fiction”… So long!