The “little man” – the story is about him, all the moves are about him, but no one listens to him. Then…what is going on with the society? Why is it silent to his prayers?
Get out to the street and put a coin into the first hand put out to you. That will not make you poor.
At the same time, the democracy is the biggest trap of the modern world. Stir up mutiny for everything that bothers you. Protest for each trouble you have. How long will you last alone with the parade on the street… A day, two, three, a year. You will get tired and give up. It’s proven. That’s why we need to be more “small people” to stop for a moment and say, we want a better life. Let’s dream of a happier tomorrow and not be afraid of tomorrow.
While you are having your morning coffee. Think of the “little man”, since you are just like him.