This is it… That’s what people say. And I experience this as they are talking about someone else.
Me and Aleksandar shot a video clip at three o’clock after midnight, before New Year, I’m barely alive, I get up, go to refresh, I wash myself with cold water, I return back to the cranky chair, I talk and my head is falling, my brain is sleeping. And I ask: Ace, what I said, was it OK?
And Ace, is leaning on the camera tripod and is sleeping.
He says, I think it was OK… We will see tomorrow.
The next evening, we have the new video clip NEW YEAR. I don’t recall the shooting quite well.
We go on the road, in the car, the new episode is edited.
We receive hundreds of messages, greetings at the squares, the market places…
That is how I create everything, with plenty of happiness and lot of fun.