about the PROJECT

STAND UP REVOLUTION is a featured studio version of the cabaret genre, which is very popular in the world – the stand-up comedy. This particular way of entertainment, or making the club’s audience laugh, by an actor, comedian who “improvises” on the stage in his own script, scenic and visually packaged form, now gets the form of TV stand-up comedy – STAND UP REVOLUTION on NASHA TV.

One hundred and fifty (150) 15-minute episodes on equally attractive topics have been produced within our STAND UP REVOLUTION on NASHA TV.
Charismatic actor Nikola Todoroski will make you laugh with his STAND UP show. Following the STAND UP comedy concept, Nikola Todoroski successfully presents the everyday situations and problems through a different humoristic point of view, which makes viewers laugh, pointing out that every situation in life contains comic elements and that laughter is an integral part of life.
This TV format, such as STAND UP REVOLUTION on NASHA TV, as a unique project in this country, gives viewers a unique opportunity to enjoy this genre, which, as a live performance, is characteristic primarily for clubs or small stages in the theatres.
STAND UP REVOLUTION follows the basic concept of NASHA TV to promote positive trends in our cultural and social milieu and enrich it in an original way.

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