about SASHO


In his portfolio, Sasho Tasevski, the scriptwriter of TODAY’S FORECAST, is described as: Actor, stand-up comedian, writer and columnist. He was born 10.08.1972 in Skopje. In 1995 he graduated from FDA – Skopje in the course of Actors’ Plays. Since 1998, he is an employee at the Drama Theatre Skopje, although he has previously been performing on the same stage for three years. He has played over fifty theatre roles inhis home and other theatres across the country.In 2002 he won the National Theatre Award for Best Leading Role at the Vojdan Chernodrinski Festival for his role as CIBRA in the play TATTOOED SOULS.In 2004 he received his master’s degree in theatrical sciences from the FDA.In 2007, his first collection of dramas, Shmizla, was published which had three editions. In the years that followed, he wrote another collection of plays (Aerodromci) and five novels (Peprutka, Ugursus, Princezata na Maliot Princ, Otpozadi and Zhena vredna zlato) which gained him a great deal of readership, and in 2013 he won the award “Most Read Writer in Macedonia” in all libraries across the country in competition with foreign and domestic writers awarded by NUL St. Clement of Ohrid. In 2008, the puppet TV-series for adults TODAY’S FORECAST was shot according to his screenplay, and directed by the famous Bulgarian director Bonjo Lungov. The series aired in 46 episodes.In 2010, the premiere of his play INTERMECO was staged at the Drama Theatre.He has starred in several TV movies and series such as: Salon Harmoni, Eureka, Nashe maalo, Kako se stanuva kosharkar, Prespav, Dicho Zograf, Sedum poraki and others.He also practiced the position of acting director of the Drama Theatre – Skopje for a period of one year.

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