about the PROJECT

Trying to be different from others, with this project we have preparedsatirical news that will treat current events with humorous and ironic commentson a daily basis. Along with the presenter, the actor Gorast Cvetkovski, there areseveral correspondents who are actually puppet characters from Macedonianhistory and stories. They present topics characteristic about themselves: rubricWeather: Perun – the Old Slavic God of Thunder, Siljan the Stork – reporter fornew-borns (white chronicle), Bolen Dojchin for health, Itar Pejo for agriculture,King Marko – finance, Gjurcin Kokale – sport, Philip II – internal politics Alexanderthe Great – foreign policy, Tsar Samuil – EU and NATO Integration, Justinian -Skopje chronicle, Marko Cepenkov – culture, Lepa Angelina – beauty tips, theGreat Mother Goddess – economics, Pitu Guli – defence and security and St.Clement of Ohrid – education. Reporters also attend press conferences and conduct interviews with celebrities.In their articles, presenters use jargon and terminology from their time, but alsogive their own comments on events.Scenario: Sasho Tasevski, actor and one of the most read Macedonian writers. Director of the project is Bonjo Lungov, a professor at the Academy for Theatreand Film Arts in Sofia and director of over 100 puppet shows for children and oneof the most important puppet directors in Europe.Video editors: Riste Stavrevski and Dime Georgievski.Host: Gorast Cvetkovski Puppeteers: Koni Karakostov and Tanja Kochovska Actors and voices used in the project: Tanja Kochovska, Rubens Muratovski andIvo Angelovski.Puppets have been made in a workshop of the Ivan Vazov National Theatre inSofia.

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