about BORKO

Borko has a strange philosophy and believes that every profession and hobby is a unique frame which we see the world through and everything around us, and because he wants to experience everything around him through different frames, different aspects, Borko has tried and practised around 20 hobbies and professions.
From football referee, physiotherapist, lifeguard, event planner, social worker, communication skills trainer, TV reporter, yoga and pilates instructor, youth worker, personal trainer, sports phycologists, screenwriter, director to entrepreneur and production house owner.
He trained bowling, swimming, martial arts, and his hobbies are dancing and meditation.
His formal education is graduated social worker, certified youth worker and certified sports physiologist and also has masters in intercultural communication.
All these mini professions, different hobbies, many years of different studies and overcoming three world languages, Spanish, English and German, helped Borko to see the world through different prisms and to make unique conclusions. This unique conclusion about the world, different cultures and life help him live every day with enthusiasm, happiness, peace and smile. He transfers that energy of his to the CULTURE TRIP Project.