about VANGEL

Architect, stage designer, journalist, historian, tourist guide…

What contains the professional biography of Vangel Bozhinovski?

President of the Association of Architects of Macedonia, President of the Association of Architects of Skopje. Founder of the Architectural Council for Central and Eastern Europe and a member of the Honorary Presidency of ASCII. Member of international, Yugoslav and Macedonian committees for evaluation of architectural works. Lecturer at the world congresses of architects, seminars and conferences. Lecturer at symposia and author presentations in Macedonia. An associate of MANU.

His works have been published in numerous magazines and radio and TV shows in the country and abroad (BBC, Deutsche Welle, Austrian National Radio, RAI, Al Jazeera, JRT, HTV, Horizon Program, Monocle Cultural Magazine BBC…) and a 45-minute film has been shot about his view of architecture by JRT. MRTV Program Director and Editor-in-Chief of Radio Makedonija. Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the first architecture magazine in Macedonia “A”; guest editor of the most renowned architecture magazine in SFRY – “CHOVJEK I PROSTOR”.

Author of scripts, scenography, books, columns, radio and TV shows, selected as Macedonian representative of world-wide screenings for scientifically popular shows and listed among the best 10. Bronze medal holder from the World Architecture Biennale and holder of SFRY highest recognition for work in Macedonia – Borbina Plaque. First prize winner at an international competition for architecture and several domestic awards (First prize at a sculpture competition).

For us, Vangel is researcher, author and host of the CV MACEDONIA project broadcasted on NASHA TV.

For some disputed but NOT for us! Time has always proved the values.

Spontaneously told stories of Macedonian history from the Neolithic to present day.

CV MACEDONIA is part of the Vangel’s portfolio, but also part of the NASHA TV’s history as a very exciting project.