The project CV MACEDONIA is dimensioned and aesthetically shaped to be close to the expression of the young population, which is our primary target group.
The series is conceived as a kind of adventure through the Macedonian past. Author and host arch. Vangel Bozhinovski is the leader of the expedition, which will be attended by several students and a photographer in charge of documenting the events and artefacts discussed in this short documentary film series. The standard film crew also leaves steps from “behind the camera” and interacts with other participants and becomes part of this expedition.
In this manner, the data in each of the documentary films will be presented in the form of an active dialogue between participants, which will further contribute to the thrill of this series.
Another reason for this is the identification and intimation of the audience with the rest of the crew, who are laymen just like the viewer.
The large number of participants provides the opportunity to open even wider discussion on the site itself, to express more different views and opinions.
In addition, voice of the Narrator will also be present, who will comment on the storyline and provide additional information on each of the topics.
A special curiosity of this series is the participation of over twenty experts in the field of archaeology, ethnology and history, who will make their own contribution to the illumination of the history of the folks and civilizations who lived in these areas.
With this adventurous and exploratory approach, as well as through free expression, we will try to make the series more fun and avoid the stereotypes that the clichés produce when producing documentary films with a similar theme.
The project will feature a high level of visual attractiveness. Apart from the standard film crew and technology, footage made by field vehicles, helicopters or aircrafts will also be used for the attractiveness and recording of archaeological sites, which are part of the technical equipment used in the production of the documentary films from the series.
Also, for the purpose of better illustration, auxiliary tools such as models, reconstructions, drawings, analysis and artefacts will be used in the realization of these documentary films.
In addition to the unconventional camera and recording mode, the CV Macedonia project will also feature dynamic editing, which will contribute to building the rhythm and tempo that will keep the viewer’s attention to the end.
Another feature of the series will be the modern graphic design and post-production of the material. In addition to the large number of graphic displays and animations that will show the comparison of the archaeological and historical treasures of Macedonia with the European and world treasures of the same period, the split screen technique will be used largely in order to offer simultaneous monitoring of several events.
Music is another important component of this project. It will be tasked with complementing the overall audio-visual image, supporting the atmosphere and contributing to the building of the dramatic storyline.