about the PROJECT

Virtuosity of the body, a dance with its own vocabulary, which conveys the emotions and messages of music, embodied through one’s body. Ballet performances that return to the Renaissance with sublime choreography, through mimicry, acting, acrobatic movements and selected music. Unique stage experiences for all the senses, especially when conveyed through the young artists.
This project is unique, because it contains what has to be presented by the rising generation of the Ballet Department under the State Music and Ballet School Centre “Ilija Nikolovski Luj” Skopje, led by several classes of professors. Through a series of performances over the years performed by elementary and secondary school students at their annual concerts, as well as at the school’s patron holiday celebrations over the years it is an announcement of what will follow in their ballet careers, on the domestic and world stage.
Through the rhythm and dance of the body, fragments are presented of several classical music works, such as the “Nutcracker” by P.I. Tchaikovsky, Variations, La Bayadère, La Fille mal Gardee, The Flames of Paris, Esmeralda, Flares, Carmen Symphony by J. Bizet, Don Quixote, Pharaoh’s Daughter, Pahita, etc.
Of course, with a mandatory stage performance of the young and promising ballet dancers and ballerinas worthy of respect showing us what is new and contemporary in dance.
From the youngest, who fell in love with ballet and so skilfully accepted the role of this art, to those who are already taking their steps to seriously established ballet figures. The magnitude of ballet art is what has held it for so many centuries, what nurtures the beautiful ballet works, but what also inspired these young ballet artists to fall in love with it and continue these works today and in the future. A dance that remains to be understood globally because it takes place in a single ballet language.
Ballet requires years of training to learn and master, and a lot of practice to maintain knowledge. Therefore it is special.
Therefore, it is an inspiration to convey to the viewers this masterful dance of young ballet artists, with virtuosity both in movement and on stage.
Let it also be an inspiration for watching.

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