about the PROJECT

Classical music, notes, various instruments, sounds, melody, inspired children’s faces, creative enchantment, visions, dreams… For big scenes, thunderous applause, awards, world fame. How beautiful is the sound of all this, situated in the young musical heads, managing so strongly to move them forward, towards the new musical worlds, flying to the heights of the musical expanse. And we will say they have talent, it’s not that hard, they can do it… Yes, they have talent, and nothing is really hard when one loves something from the bottom of their soul, but one have to work very, very hard, to practice a lot in order to get to that harmonious melody. How many hours are at stake? Many hours spent together with their instruments and under the mentorship of their professors to get to the moment, to stand on the stage and play a melody or a musical composition.
Therefore, this project is od priceless value. Therefore, we want to gift it to you, along with all these young and promising music names, along with their musical works, all played great and with a lot of emotions.
How to single out one of them, when all of them are equally valuable, and there are musicians from 4 years of age, who skilfully play the violin, to musicians who have already grown into handsome boys and girls and play various instruments.
More importantly, all of them, equally with the great and adult music virtuosos, are ready to stand on stage and give their musical soul to all who want to enjoy it.
Is there anything more beautiful than that, something that gives us a chance for musical enjoyment and real musical pampering?
Therefore, we invite you to enjoy!

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