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Memory – seven years without Iskra Eftimova (07.11.1974-06.11.2013-06.11.2020)

Although short, Iskra Eftimova’s professional life as a journalist in the field of culture and art was rich, and her contribution will certainly be noticed somewhere in the archives of the printed and electronic media.

Since elementary school, she has shown affinity and love for the media, as evidenced by several years of cooperation in the Fidanka television educational project on Macedonian Television. She collaborated in the weekly “Denes” and in the daily newspaper “Makedonija Denes”, and for the longest time she was part of the entertainment and cultural editorial office of Telma Television.

She also worked on several cycles of TV essays in NASHA TV. The disease overtake her while she was trying to transform the great love of art into her own reality, while studying at the Department of Film and TV Directing at ESRA University in Skopje, her second faculty.

She also graduated from the University of Skopje with a degree in philosophy.

Her diverse professional life includes collaborations on several advertising campaigns through the well-known Saatchi & Saatchi advertising agency.

Her bright smile and love for life are painfully missed!

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