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”We are talking about a time when the wise men, awakened, began to rise before the universe with an innate curiosity and a willingness to find out as much as possible, even when only instinctive or biological needs in the world, such as food, survival or adaptation to time and geographical coordinates developed by themselves. To the contrary, those needs are automatically developed without the need of our support.
But the wise men were standing in front of a crowd of strangers for whom they had the passion and curiosity to find out who they were. And they commenced from the very beginning.
Imagine how the universe clings to all the things that are essential to its unconditional order, according to the law of attraction. A law that is at the heart of the universe. Similarly attracts similarity is the first impulse of unification”- stands in the general announcement about the project “About the balance” written by its author – Iskra Eftimova.

ABOUT THE BALANCE is a TV essay that, in a clear and subtle way, through general concepts, reveals the deep world of philosophical thought. With a seemingly simple and straightforward approach, it gets to the heart of the matter and makes us think seriously and understand the world around us.

ABOUT THE BALANCE rediscovers the COLOURS, SOUNDS, DREAMS, DECISIONS, MIRRORS… it contemplates over the EARTH, FIRE, WATER, WORD, AIR… it brings closer and awakens the values of the HARMONY, SHAPE, NUMBER, TIME, ENERGY… it lays the internal essential features of the ROCK, PLAY, PEACE, LOVE, FAITH, HOPE, DECISION, RESPONSIBILITY…

This timeless project is one of those that are the “last touch”, the “icing on the cake” of the concept that has been nurtured by NASHA TV for many years – the promotion of true values.

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