about the PROJECT

By following its motto for “positive energy on the air”, NASHA TV sends a message about the beauty of life. The project named SYNERGY includes topics from different spheres of human living, and at the same time it informs and educates.
Motivated by the fast way of living, the race for material things, the loosing of the basic moral principles, the vanishing of true moral values, we decided on a project that in a simple way shall remind us of the power and value of family, the importance of emotions, the awareness of individual’s strength, the potential and the creativity of the individual.
Each of the 120 shows is conceptually divided to several topics that are elaborated with stories and experts opinion for the given topic.

The topics are related with the challenges that most of the people are facing in today’s modern society. Various contents that we face in the everyday functioning, as motivation, communication, children upbringing, emotional problems, stress, fear.

The experts’ presence enrichen the show and we are sure that with their explanations, comments, directions and views that they shared with us, they will reach to the viewers by providing part of the things to be seen from a different angle.

Our intention is for those who watch us to spread their repertoire of answers and to be able to respond in a flexible and different way in various situations, at certain moment enabling you to make certain step or make some decision.

We hope to reach our goal and motivate you to find the way, to move the things in your life in a positive direction. You can always learn to develop skills and increase your efficiency, to work on developing your own potential and to be the best version of yourself.

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