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“Only 4% of the world’s population listens to jazz. But those 4% are the progressive force of the world. A force that has an influence over the rest of the world.”

Do you influence the world?

We have a rich Macedonian jazz history that follows world trends, including several generations of educated jazz musicians who have a regular audience. But what is the status of the jazz scene in our country?

Skopje is probably the only capital city in the world without a jazz club.

NASHA TV recorded and premiered 42 jazz concerts.

On average, NASHA TV’s programme included a jazz concert every third day. 33 concerts were from performances on the JAZZ Weekends in Prilep and 9 concerts recorded at the “Se e dzez” (Everything is Jazz) event in Skopje.

Our audience is educated and smart. You are part of that audience.  Keep listening to jazz!

Below are some of the concerts from our JAZZ archives:

Trio Tao / Kabadayas / Fish In Oil / Goce Stefkovski Sepet / Sethstet / Eyot / Fly we 2 the moon / Luca Aquino & Carmine Ioanna / Naked / Rambo Amadeus & Two winherous / Sarhan / Damjan Pejchinovski / David Neshkovski Trio / Cul-De-Sac / Salto / Tavitjan Brothers / Teodosij Spasov Trio / Emin Jian Trio / Milan Petrovikj / Quartet / Big Band / Chui / Dine Doneff’s Lost Anthropology / Franz Kafka Ensemble/  Hashima / Hi Cazz 3 / Vlatko Stefanovski / The Problems / Metachronic Talking / Max Kochetov Quartet / Marcelo & Napeti Quintet / ZJM Big Band / John Ilija Apelgren & Martin Gjakonovski Trio / Se e dzez (Everything is Jazz) – 2017 / Belluci Quartet / In Between / Toni Kitanovski Trio / Imaginary Folklore / Letechki pekinezeri / Dzole Grujovski Quartet / Fierce

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