We created the PROFIT project as part of our NASHA TV campaign, “Macedonian authentics are great! Macedonian authentics are quality! “

8 season in a row.
over 800 shows!
over 3000 guests!

Imagine what 3000 guests mean! Just to talk to them for 1 minute. And a show sometimes requires 5 and 10 guests. You need to discuss the concept with each of them, agree on recording timings, prepare questions, get in the mood, encourage the interviewee who may be in front of the camera for the very first time, do analysis, read hundreds of books about business and economics, analyse every topic and every business separately…
Each company has its own authentic business story!

Our journalist and host, MA Marija Georgievska, is respected by businessmen, managers, bankers, professors, consultants, professionals, young businessmen and the experienced “wolves” in the business…

This effort counts!
Marija’s knowledge  counts! Marija’s acquired experience counts!
The awards that Marija has received from the business sector count!

Hundreds of kilometres and hundreds of companies!
Every day!
In every factory!
In every production!

Both where bread is baked and where steel is cast… Both in dryer and in milk shop…both on land areas and in pharmaceutical plant…

Wherever there is potential!
Wherever there is an opportunity for success!
Wherever the owners and managers open new job position!

Everyone opening a new job position is a HERO to us!

Such are the owners and managers of Vitaminka, Max, Kozhuvchanka, Intervrogeneks, Adora, Joka, Buchen Kozjak, Bovin, Jogo Mercur, L-Decibel, Galenius, Nastel, Ading, Komfi Angel, Ebropa…and many, many more…

Pillars of support of the Macedonian economy!
Their support really counts!

Risto Gogovski

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