Documented and recorded without any preparations 🙂 This is just a beginning, there will be lots of challenges.

To put it with my mother’s words “Woe betide us, son, you didn’t stop talking about us on TV, and the Internet”:)

We are already on the air, and it’s a big deal that our neighbor called us to as “How made our kitchen”:)

Watch what happens behind camera and backstage?

How videos are made..? Yes, yes, there will be new videos…

What happens before the stand-up performances, before the premiers of the plays? What happens to a Macedonian traveling abroad? See the views and stories my friends will share on the topics I cover… And I better stop writing… I mean, it’s a long text man… If you read this to the end, it means you are really concentrated. Well done!


Sending hugs 🙂


There will be plenty more – WATCH US 🙂

Your Marjan.

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