Strengthening women’s entrepreneurship and providing sustainable solutions for the development of women’s micro and small businesses is very important to use the potential of the women. It is especially important to work in the rural areas and border regions, where women do not have enough support to encourage themselves and start a business.

In this area they are actively working in the field, especially in the cross-border area and through projects that give results.

Such activities should increase the personal entrepreneurial skills and business competencies of the women included in formal or informal businesses. To provide legal support in the business operations. To improve production, access to market opportunities and business development opportunities and ti increase the cross-border cooperation. To improve and revise the government measures and policies for local and national support for women’s entrepreneurship.


For all these questions, on the topic, we analyze with the guests:

Jasna Pajkovska – Project Manager at the Center for Change Management

Martin Sopronov – Program Coordinator at the Institute for Human Rights