The measures of the National Bank play a key role in tackling inflation. The situation globally is pretty much the same, with the role of central banks in tackling inflation growing in significance in all countries of the world. The main factor that continues to fuel global and domestic inflation lies in the strong and long-lasting shock on global energy and food prices.
The consequences of inflation are enormous and are felt by everyone, both the citizens and the economy.
This is especially true in small and open economies, Macedonian being no exception, where most products are imported, and food and energy have a large share in total consumption. Due to the strength and duration of the shock, central banks raise interest rates. In this sense, the National Bank is gradually increasing the base interest rate in order to reduce inflation, as are many other central banks, including the European Central Bank..
We will provide an analysis of the measure and their impact on economic trends in our show with our guests:
Krasimir Petrov – PhD in Economics from the State University “Ohio”
Academician Abdulmenaf Bejeti
Prof. Dejan Šoškić, PhD – Faculty of Economics at the University of Belgrade