With the designation of a part of the Osogovo mountains in 2020 and Malesevo in 2021 as protected areas, the Eastern region of the country has been presented a new opportunity for development along the lines of improvement of the socio-economic conditions for life in harmony with nature. This is providing a spur for the creation of a component for the development of active, sustainable, alternative and rural tourism under the project “Integrated tourist offerings in the Bregalnica region”, a product of the “Nature Preservation Program in North Macedonia” – exit stage, a project of the Government of Switzerland, coordinated by “Pharmachem ” from Skopje. Protected areas and their surroundings should be developed along the path of sustainable use of nature, preservation of local traditional customs and way of life, promotion of the beauties they have, which in turn will provide incentives to the local population living there to abandon the trends of migration towards urban environments or outside of the country..
We have invited in our show the following guests to discuss the new opportunities and the integrated tourist offerings of Maleshevo Region:
Katerina Ivanovska – program advisor in the Nature Conservation Program in NM – coordinated by “Pharmachem”
Antonio Arnautovski – Bee Farm “Kladenche”, v. Vladimirovo, Berovo
Daniela Katsarska Krstevska – “My soap”, Pehcevo
Manoil Stefanovski – Livestock farm “Agro Chuka” village Negrevo, Pehchevo
Vlatko Sulev – general manager of
Balkan Prime Tours

Konstantin Tsiriviri – general manager of “Mountain experience “