Human resource management influences the development of companies. Increasing productivity, shortening administration time and simplifying workflows can be achieved with new and state-of-the-art software solutions. Modern software solutions in the human resource management sector, directly affect the long-term increase in revenue. In the show, through the analysis, the importance of the Macedonian software solution for human resource management of the company WIDNET Solutions Skopje is emphasized. The function of the software is to collect statistical, quantitative and qualitative data on the employees of the company, which data enable proper decision-making, on which the success of the operation largely depends. employee, data accuracy and the need for manual interventions, as part of the problems that arise in human resource management. Therefore, companies need to implement such advanced software solutions, because only by investing in digital transformation, they can achieve development and competitiveness. .
Analysis in the show with our guests:
Darko Mickoski – chief executive director of WIDNET Solutions Skopje
Miroslav Draganov – co-founder and sales manager at WIDNET Solutions Skopje
Penka Mukaetova – owner and general manager of Consulting Inter Group