PROCREDIT BANK – Loans for population

In the past few years all banks on the banking market experience a trend of continuous fall of interest rate especially with the housing loans. This trend is expected to continue in the following period. The population in the country has a tendency to regularly use loans for different needs and goals. In these circumstances we will talk with the person in charge of loans for population in ProCredit Bank about what is means to work successfully according to a different but unique banking model for loans for natural persons like the one that ProCredit Bank implements.

In conditions when we are overwhelmed with different offers for different types of credits offered on the market by the banks, ProCredit Bank has only 3 types of credit products for population. On this show we explain whether this offer satisfies the need of the population. The people in charge say that the strategy of the Bank in terms of loans for population is based on responsible crediting of the client in order to avoid overdebtness. The aim of the loans is to support the client in their investment, simply and fast and transparently. Therefore as a bank they support investment that are economically viable and that can result in creating new value with the client, for example purchasing an apartment/building a house or buying new car or investments in energy efficient projects that in long-term will decrease the monthly expenses of the household. The bank has interest rate that are fixed which means predictability and stability for the client.

The population often shows interest about loans but they do not always know how to compare the offers of the banks. Therefore we will also talk about the details that the clients should paid attention to when choosing a loan. We will also give instructions and explanation about the interest rates because they vary from one bank to another and depending on the type of the credit and this is why is important for the client to choose the best offer. Having in mind that ProCredit is the first digital bank in the banking sector, we explain how the clients apply for loan and how this bank is different from other banks in this area.