Inflation is in double digits, and this causes large losses in the value of investments. Opportunities available to protect investments are: investing in gold, real estate, securities, foreign exchange, etc. In these areas, investment in real estate and foreign currency still dominates. In the country, the possibility to invest in investment gold and silver is new on the market. While in Macedonia this business is in its infancy, it is already well developed in neighboring Bulgaria and Serbia. But even though it is at the beginning, from the company that is unique in the market, for trading in investment gold and silver, they say that the interest among Macedonians in buying and also saving in gold bullions is great. Our guests will be joining us to discuss and provide an analysis of the actual choices. Please wellcome:
Marian Rangelov – “Invest metal” Skopje, the first company that trades in investment gold and silver in Macedonia. The first company in the country that imports and trades in gold and silver investment tiles and coins. It started working in North Macedonia in 2022. in May and works exclusively with bullions and coins made of pure gold and silver, i.e. gold with purity 999.9 (24 carats) and silver with purity 999.

Krasimir Petrov – PhD Economics from the State University “Ohio”

Academician Abdulmenaf Bejeti

prof. Dejan Šoškić PhD– Faculty of Economics at the University of Belgrade

Oliver Dimitrovski – owner of the real estate agency “New Way Limited” –