Quality professional staff is an important factor for the successful operation of companies. Companies have had a problem with finding professional staff for a long period of time, while the state has had problems with unemployment. The problem with the mismatch between the supply of personnel and the needs of employers on the labor market is persistent. A key reason for the high unemployment rate is a mismatch between the skills provided by the education system and those required by employers. They face a great shortage of professional staff, and in the labor market, although there is a high rate of unemployed young people, there is still no adequate staff and this problem has persisted for decades. In recent years, activities have been carried out in order to improve the situation and produce personnel through the advancement of vocational education, with the inclusion of all stakeholders and the application of foreign experiences.
Foreign experiences, through project support, are valuable, and this has been shown in practice in the past years, especially since 2017, with the Project “Education for employment in North Macedonia (E4E@mk)” supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, and implemented by HELVETAS North Macedonia, the Macedonian Center for Civic Education and the Chamber of Commerce of North Macedonia.

In the show, analysis of the situation, with our guests:
Ivan Petrushevski – expert on legal issues and compliance at “KOSTAL MACEDONIA” Ohrid
Sashko Nakov – director of “AMPHENOL TECHNOLOGIES MACEDONIA” Kochani
Bojana Dimovska, general director of “RONTIS” Veles
Mihajlo Donev, MSc – Acting Director of Operations at the Chamber of Commerce of North Macedonia