about the PROJECT

One of the most common problems of individuals and interest groups who want to open their own business is how to implement the idea into a business. They have the idea, maybe they have the money but they don’t know the path to realization and the risks borne by each business individually. .


Market, dental office, lounge bar, healthy food production, beauty salon, marketing agency, video production, car service, internet sales, bakery, catering services, textiles, organic products production, packaging of grain products , etc…). Each of these businesses is different for realization. Through trainings and practical steps for how to establish a company and providing legal advice to businesses in a given situation, experienced lecturers, professors and people in the this specific area who are already successful entrepreneurs, transfer their experience in order to better visualize the work in certain area. The project involves young people as well as women entrepreneurs who are trained on how to seek funding, what resources are available online, and where and how they can network.


Each of the shows is dedicated to a different category of business or business processes and stages from each workshop.  Producing successful business stories or stages of business is the motivation we have for achieving education and excitement and longing for the realization of one’s own idea through the project SAM SVOJ GAZDA.


The project focuses on the stages and experiences in entrepreneurship and issues that hinder the growth of entrepreneurship. Target audience are young people but also all those who have entrepreneurial ideas and all who directly influence the development of entrepreneurship.

Our mission is clear and our expected results are to reach young people, to introduce them to the world of entrepreneurship opportunities and to specifically target them to exploit their potential and thereby impact economic development.

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