From the constellation of successful children’s music names, one can hear a wonderful musical content. A selection of repertoire that captivates with its mastery of these young artists. With their virtuosity, they proudly thread their musical notes, performing the great musical names of the classics and all other valuable composer names, creating music to enjoy. When listening to their music, one can only wish to remain forever in their musical experience, as on a real celebration for all the senses. One of them is the young and talented pianist Arda Mustafaoglu, who captivates with his precision, musical elegance and virtuosity, playing the sonatas and etudes of Scarlatti, Scriabin, Haydn … Not a coincidental choice in this musical series of concerts with children who play classical music. It is not a coincidence that he is in our programme choice, because it is worth listening to him, as the audience does it in the crowded halls where this young artist plays music, travelling around the world with his music. Therefore, the audience as well knows how to reward him with loud applause for all his wonderful performances.
So small, but so big in his musical mastery.