What does the term NATIONAL TELEVISION mean?


This term is “proudly” borne by 7 televisions that broadcast programme on national level, at the entire territory of Republic of Macedonia. But can all these 7 televisions justify the status of NATIONAL TELEVISIONS?

Or maybe they are more suited to the status of TELEVISIONS OF THE NATIONALITIES?

NASHA TV broadcasts programme in Macedonian language and nurtures the Macedonian culture and art.

NASHA TV is the only television broadcasting shows for culture.  Not one per week. 7 different shows and premieres during the week.

We are the only national service that broadcasts a cultural programme across the country.



KULTURO project is a TV format that aims to bring together all the important cultural, artistic and social events, the philosophy of living, open questions, perspectives, ways of thinking and acting, through several different forms to bring together, not only the expert public, artists and all the cultural activists in our country, but also to the lovers of culture and the general TV audience, which makes it unique in the media space in Macedonia. In this manner it underpins the main concept of NASHA TV, to affirm, share, nurture positive events, thus presenting its cultural and educational function as a contribution to NASHA TV’s basic principles of nurturing true and lasting values.

About three hundred (300) guests were part of it for a relatively short period of time – the most significant artists, cultural activists and creators, who, without exception, some of them in the show itself, and the rest after the shutdown of the cameras, point out that the KULTURO project with its uniqueness in the media space is really the most important project in this area in our country, and it should be further developed.

KULTURO concept is segmented in three directions.

KULTURO INTERVIEW with Tea Begovska – thematic conversations with one artist.

KULTURO FORUM with Jasmina Spasovska, debate shows on different cultural topics.

KULTURO PRESS – informative shows from events related to everyday cultural events.


KULTURO – FORUM and KULTURO – INTERVIEW have two premiers per week (each of them with two reruns), while KULTURO – PRESS is broadcasted on daily basis, which means that NASHA TV allocates over 800 minutes for culture per week. This makes it really special, compared to other TV stations where there is not even 5 minutes of culture per week.


So far, 113 editions of KULTURO INTERVIEW with Tea Begovska and 61 editions of KULTURO FORUM with Jasmina Spasovska have been shot and broadcasted.


We shall go on! In the future we will be complementing the concept and we will talk to artists, we will debate and follow the events from the region. NASHA TV and KULTURO conquer a NEW CONTINENT.

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