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Are you aware of any other television other than NASHA TV, which is recording and broadcasting exhibitions on its programme?

In 99% of the announced exhibitions, our cameras are the only ones present at these cultural events.

Culture is the healthy food to the intelligence and the society in which we live.
In which category do you belong?

IZLOZHBI is a short format TV project that includes primarily visual as well as narrative presentation of the author’s/authors’ artworks, i.e. their approximation to the TV viewers. In this manner the exhibitions live much longer than the projected term (about a month) of display in the gallery space, but the number of “visitors” in front of the TV screens increases by multiple times. In this way IZLOZHBI has a cultural, but also culturological and educational function, as a contribution to the basic principles of NASHA TV.

This project was initiated in 2009, as part of the basic concept of NASHA TV, to represent and affirm projects of positive social and cultural significance.
The idea of the IZLOZHBI project is to present all the artists who have ever created, create today and will create in this region in the future. This also applies to the artists from abroad, who have come to present their work in some of the art salons or showrooms in our country.

Ninety (90) shows have been realized so far, ranging from ten to thirty minutes, depending on the event, i.e. its size.

The exhibitions covered by the IZLOZHBI project include the exhibitions of Vasko Tashkovski, Venko Hadzi-Naumov, SPase Kunovski, Vangel Naumovski, Dimitar Kondovski, Petar Mazev, Nikola Martinoski, Boro Mitrikjeski, but also the exhibitions of Aleksandar Stankovski, Sergej Andreevski, Slavica Janeshlieva, Igor Toshevski, Tatjana Maneva, Vana Uroshevikj and others. Of course, the project also covers individual and group exhibitions, fine art exhibitions (paintings or sculptures), as well as photographs, posters, cartoons, costumes, performances…

All of the above makes the IZLOZHBI project unique in the media space in Macedonia and an area of undisturbed pleasure for artists, connoisseurs and art lovers, the expert public and ordinary viewers, who from different reasons have no other chance to meet these kinds of art but this one.

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