A space that is refreshing to the fine art scene because it is completely different from any others we are used to seeing. The uniqueness of the space is that it has gallery light, systems for hanging the works, which gives more value as a gallery than anything else we know.
The works of: Kole Manev, Novica Novakovski – Novak, Tomo Shijak, Sveto Manev, Simon Shemov, Novica Trajkovski, Tanja Balac, Petar Popchev, Dejan Ivanov, Diano Zdravkovic, Davor Keshkec, Ivana Petrushevska, Stefan Mladenovski are exhibited in “ART HUB”. , Valentina Ilijevska et al.
Styles, color palette, variety, rich expression, deep emotions, enough to arouse curiosity, to come and experience.
“ART HUB” is open to all lovers of fine art.