Second solo art exhibition of Dragan Ivanovski, a dentist by profession, and fine artist by vocation, Ivanovski presents himself with numerous works presented in the most difficult technique in painting – watercolor, which became a challenge and an inexhaustible source of creativity in his creation.
That the painter is not created but born is proof of the “amateur” painter Dragan Ivanovski, who with his many years of oeuvre and creative engagement independently reached the academic art threshold. Starting from 1993, he has been actively engaged in painting, so in his portfolio, he recorded 7 group exhibitions and one solo exhibition, and he received three awards for painting from the Cultural and Information Center in Skopje.
On this occasion, the author decided to present himself as an artist whose interest and artistic handwriting is inextricably linked and reflected in the realistic, concise expression of the motif, regardless of whether it is his works that reflect the timeless beauty of nature, landscape, or woman. ..
In this setting, there are works with different themes, which at some point caught his attention. It deals with several subjects: still life, landscapes, horses, women, flowers, etc. Ivanovski showed the greatest interest in the theme “Flowers”, creating more than 30 watercolors in different formats, showing all the beauty of blossoming nature, with a sumptuous color, characteristic of the watercolor technique.
His rich palette gives an exceptionally sensitive lyrical dimension, and the motives and the way of artistic expression prove the author as a mature artist. The works are a real challenge for all the visitor’s senses.