Vladimir Arsovski was born in Skopje in 1957. In 1976, when he enrolled at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Skopje, he began to actively pursue photography and became a member of the ETF photo club ELEMA. In 1979 he began working part time as a photographer for Zagrepski Vjesnik. Until 1982 he collaborated with several top Yugoslav photographers, including Ivo Eterovikj, thus gaining great photographic experience. In 1983, due to family reasons, he stopped working with photography to return to the era of establishment of digital photography. Being acquainted with the information technology enabled him to quickly get into the software of digital photography processing software. Three of his photographs are in the Permanent Collection of Contemporary Photography of Republic of Macedonia. This is his second solo exhibition. The first one dates from December 2006, entitled DVOJNATA DISKURZIVNOST NA EDEN FOTO ESEJ (THE DOUBLE DISCURSIVENESS OF A PHOTO ESSAY).
Tihomir Kondev, by occupation and education is a journalist, and by personal determination a collector of contemporary Macedonian fine art. As a collector, he has a collection of over 400 works by over 100 Macedonian authors. The artists and paintings in the collection are modified and adapted for the thematic exhibitions and art caravans prepared and organized by Tihomir Kondev. At Skopsko Leto 2007, through the Museum of the City of Skopje and the Directorate of Culture and Art, Tihomir Kondev presented part of his collection that he has created for nearly 6 decades with a selection of works by the best Macedonian painters.