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Jazz is about developing “inner voice”, improvisation, group interaction, and openness to different musical possibilities. In a 1988 interview, the trombonist J.J. Johnson stated: “ Jazz is restless. It won’t stay put and it never will.” Although jazz cannot be easily defined, it is clear that improvisation is a key element of it. Folk motifs are prevalent in Eastern Europe (including Balkan jazz).  The main instruments are guitar, violin and contrabass. The solo shifts from one musician to another depending on how the guitar and bass participate in the rhythm section. Some music researchers have claimed that in fact Eddie Lang and Joe Venuti of Philadelphia first started this guitar-violin partnership, typical of this genre, which moved to France and further south and east of Europe. In the Balkans we have the inclusion of traditional instruments.
Regional jazz musicians with their concert and single releases through: Ethno-Jazz, Bi-Bap, Swing, Cool-jazz, Free-jazz, Soul-jazz, Funky-jazz, Jazz-rock, Jazz-Fusion, Jazz-core, Smooth-jazz, Nu-jazz, Acid-Jazz, Jazz-Rock, Modular Jazz and all the sub-genres of this type of music, by Jaka Pucihar, Drago Gajo, Primozh Grashich – Slovenia, via Matija Dedikj – Croatia, Elvir Bandikj – Bosnia, Dushko Gojkovikj, Vojislav Simikj, Vasil Hadzimanov – Serbia, the Montenegro “Baltazar” jazz band, Elina Duni from Albania, Gypsy Grouvy from Kosovo, Hari Tavitjan – Romania, Teodosi Spasov – Bulgaria, Anadolis Nikolas-Greece, Goce Stefkovski-Macedonia, coming soon only on JAZZ TV.