ROCK TV (rock & roll)

SOON! New television on the air!

Rock music is a form of popular music with prominent vocal melody, accompanied by guitar, drums and bass guitar. It has a strong tempo and often focuses on the guitar (electric or acoustic).

Rock music has its roots in the 1940s and 1950s of the 20th century, developing into folk rock, blues rock and jazz rock fusion, psychedelic rock, progressive rock. In the 1970’s rock expanded into a number of subgenres: punk rock, soft rock, heavy metal, hard rock, big rock, progressive rock. In the 1980s it progressed to hard-core punk, alternative rock, and the 1990s brought the subgenres: grunge, Britpop, indie rock, nu metal. The new century brought the electronic rock. From Lachni Franz in Slovenia, Iris and Hologram from Romania, Spitfire from Greece, Aleksandër Gjoka from Albania, Diadema from Kosovo, Azra – Croatia, Leb i Sol – Macedonia, Zabranjeno Pushenje from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Van Gogh from Serbia… Everyone! Let’s rock, on ROCK TV. SOON!