This is the day when one beautiful fairy-tale is completed and a new chapter in the children’s lives is opened. Yes, this is the day they say goodbye to the kindergarten where they spent careless days and now they are first graders. In the spirit of this special day, there is a celebration for enrolling first grade for the smallest of NOVA’s big family. There they say “from the smallest grain, big tree grows” because they planted one small grain every day in these children believing that it will help them to grow into strong adults. But in order to succussed in that, they will need deep roots, roots stuck in the fertile land of confidence, strong moral values and beliefs.  Every day this small heads must be watered with faith, goodness and love. They must be feed with knowledge, determination and dedication. They must be taken care of, so they can flourish into creative, curious, intelligent citizens and leaders. That is why saying goodbye to their kindergarten is difficult for them, because here they felt loved, that everyone is “sweet, nice, gentle and fun”, because if they fail they are given endless new chances, and challenges help them grow because friends can make mistakes, apologize and forgive. But the best bridges are the bridges built from friendship because even though they are very different, they are like one. Bringing the memories of the funniest moments with their friends, in the name of the good days in NOVA, they want to continue forward in this big family, to discover new challenges. But what they want to learn first? This is a very difficult question. It has many answers. Someone wants to read books and learn new things, someone wants to learn about the planets, and someone want to learn how to make an ice hotel. Someone expects to first learn how to draw and read, and maybe even faster and more so they can become the best. They want to learn math, but to also learn about the stone-age. This smart heads might want to learn about everything and anything. Filled with childhood dreams, they want to become astronauts, policemen, inventors, DJs, musicians, artists…

But what did they learn in kindergarten? They learned a lot, starting from the different cultures, different stories, how to make their own toys, how to come up with games, they read many books, solved many math assignments. They did and learned a lot but they need to do and learn even more in future. There a lot of places that are waiting for them in NOVA’s big family.

So hello first graders and welcome to the newest exciting journey in primary school.