Successfully completed fifth grade, a 5 for all brave students, explorers, athletes, musicians, painters, dancers… And to be successful, a lot of effort is needed by everyone that are part of tis successful fifth grade story, the teachers, professors and the entire team of the international school NOVA’s big family. Without love, encouragement and support to the students during their first years of schools by the parents and teachers, with their professionalism, energy and devotion to the educational process and development of the students, nothing cannot look as successful as one episode from the educational process of the children. How this marry bunch looks, that is a story that yet to be seen. That was a school life fulfilled with challenges, mutual support, fun, showing goodness at act. Realization of project, of the programme for social responsibility, many initiatives to help people and animals, to support the youngest students, the care for their school and environment. When they finally took the primate of the best students and leaders among young students, now that was a pretty picture to be seen in NOVA. The happiness is even bigger when one knows that these students developed more sophisticated view towards literature and language, they learned maths and cooperated on topics from the international programme that includes scientific concepts and social studies. These years were enriched with different cultures, people, experiences, stories and laughter that formed this dynamic, marvellous generation, their teacher say. Therefore they give them one last assignment, to continue to develop their potential and to grow to brave explorers and young people who will challenge and change the world. And they have a good basis for that because they learned according the research based model that causes such an excitement with the student that they barely can wait to become experts in answering their questions. They research different sources and explored their unique creativity, they dived into baking so they can learn how to make the best Macedonian pie, the learned about the human body, they went to Madagascar with their researches, visited the Mayas, learned about Josef Haydn. But they also learned a lot about friendship, team work, exploration, international openness, patience, positivity, flexibility, unique creativity. The know about hard word, kindness, empathy, generosity, courage, independence, respect. They learned about the importance of communication and cooperation, tolerance, self-confidence, responsibility, adjustability. The fifth graders completed one part of their journey but now they star an even bigger one. This group of students is prepared to move forward and to face the challenges what six, seven and eighth grade can bring, because children are as big as dreams they dare to live in their further education.

We will say to have high goals and always have big dreams.