The 2020 prom seniors with the first and only virtual prom ceremony. Yes, that happen too. The past few months made us more flexible, more adjustable and most of all grateful for what is means to be part of a community. The prom is an important phase of every young person’s life, and the fact that this generation graduates in these circumstances, it makes it even more worthy for respect. Although this chapter in the life of this generation took different form, this prom will still be an event to remember just like all beautiful moments that the students from this generation shared in the past years. The happiness from graduating is seen in the moment of the finally acquired “freedom”. They enter in a period of uncertainty where they will make their own rules and be their own leaders. As a generation, this one in an example for many differences, different origins, cultures and countries. But that is the advantage. Because being united through knowledge and the sense of community is what makes them strong and united through solidarity. Therefore the world they are entering is different than the one they are expecting. But the solidarity, unity and knowledge will remain its main values. Even though there are going be many lessons that will need to be learned in life, this lesson about the high school years is one of the best and most favourite life lesion of every young person. You will never want to change these high school years for nothing in the world. Why this generation is special? Because it has a developed sense for unity and togetherness. Those are four years when they felt like part of something big. Eighty-six hearts that could understand each other just by looking at each other and four year that forever will be remembered as one of the most important journeys in life. Even though their wishes for the most beautiful prom celebration, dress, hairdo, present did not came true, nothing can blue the most beautiful memories just like the fact that they stayed together in both good and bad, and that shared experience is what connects them forever.

The courage and integrity should guide them further in life because the biggest accomplishments in history of mankind are not achieved by the crowd but by the courage of individuals that believed in their big ideas.

And while the world expects them to talk with a send of sublimity about the current situation, what did it teach them about themselves and the world? Very much – simply matured them earlier, made them stronger and braver, better people. Therefore in the name of the bright future of these seniors, the message to believe in the things they want, to dream and go far and high, to conquer the greatest scientific and educational heights because they proved that they are ready for that, for their new life journey.