This school year was filled with challenges and new experiences, and our eight graders led by their teachers received only one barrier with open heart and mind, no being afraid of the opportunities. As an ending like this is celebrated, it is completely natural that all achievements should be celebrated. For this generation, the completion of the school year means one new learned lesson taught in completely new conditions. But Nelson Mandela said: Don’t judge me by my success, judge me by how many times I failed and stood up again. This year had moments when we were successful and moments when we felt defeated. But one of the best thing in our generation is that when some of you is defeated, there were many hands that helped you get up. Take these feelings of support and friendship to high school and wish the new students that will be joining you next year welcome, the teachers said. And they, even in this kind of circumstance, as always, as hard-working eight graders from NOVA received recognitions and awards for excellence, achievements, citizenships. But now it is time for a new beginning. We go to high school. The eight graders even though will face many bigger challenges in future, that will make them stronger people and they will built permanent relationships with other people that they will meet. But we should never forget that everything happens for a reason or as a very wise woman once said: As you mature you will understand that the rules are created to be broken. Be brave enough to live life according to your beliefs and never, never apologize about that. Go against the wind, do not adjust, take the harder road, not the easiest one. This quote represents everything that we should learn, that we should live our future regretting.

In August you will go on a new journey in your life called high school. And what can be said about someone who is starting high school, what to expect, what advice to be given that will help them face the new chapter in life? But let’s still mention some advices:  Be careful what to say to yourself. Learn how to encourage yourself, to cheer for yourself. Yes, you will face challenges that will make you doubt yourself, but always try to dive deeper and listed to the positive inner voice. Stop comparing yourself to others. That comparison is an unnecessary distraction. Be unique and special. Overcome the limited beliefs. More people face difficulties to believe that they can achieve great things. Value others. Do the right thing even if it is hard in order to achieve integrity. Celebrate small wins. You will experience small wins throughout your life. Celebrate them.

And now that new adventures await you in high school it only remains to just look forward and be brilliant!