„ We are the champions” ES performance

Singing, dancing and playing an instrument is extremely important for children’s self-expression, confidence and creativity. By singing together in a choir, children will discover how to communicate and connect with others. Through dance they can explore and control body movements. Playing an instrument gives them a unique insight into the craft of songwriting and performance.
But also the choice of the song as a theme, not accidental, on the contrary, with a theme to motivate, with verse and words, to touch, support and motivate the child’s heart. To remain engraved in his memory and be his guide in his development and conquest of the new, life, science, the world.
Therefore, this unique performance, by the first grade children from NOVA International School, has great significance.
As they say through the song:
“We are the champions, my friends
And we will continue to fight until the end
We are the champions
We are the champions
No time for losers
Because we are the champions of the world.”
Yes, children are our champions.
Powerful and timeless!