My cooperation with Zoran Mihajlov lasts for 10 years. Professional at his finest! Macedonian journalism sports legend! Loved and appreciated by all sports workers.

MAKEDONSKI SPORTSKI LEGENDI project with 180 episodes shot so far and dedicated to the top Macedonian athletes is an ENCYCLOPAEDIA for the Macedonian sport. What Zoki has as an information is not even available on Google. His knowledge, analytic skills, dedication, zest and love for the occupation should serve as an example to all sports journalists. Last year (in August 2017) at the London Athletics World Championships, he received top recognition from the Association of Sports Journalists for Special Merits in Athletic Sports as a commentator and journalist at 10 Athletics World Championships and 15 Olympics!

Read carefully: 15 OLYMPICS!

In NASHA TV has worked on broadcasts from the Diamond League in Athletics, the World Cup in skiing, the French Football Championship, the Italian Football Cup, ATP tennis tournaments, SPORT po SPORT shows and is still working on the project Makedonski sportski legendi.

When I ask him how long we will be working on the project, he always replies with a smile: As long as I am safe and sound. I thank every day to this Zoki of mine and I bow down to him for being the diamond in the crown of NASHA TV for 10 years!