Kitsch and junk everywhere. It is what is listened, what is watched, visited and it is what is appreciated. It is created for profit by people with low passions and is consumed by everyone. Profit from kitsch is political and economic. It is supported by large companies running a mass of customers.

Politicians “act” like that they do not notice the kitsch.

The numbers are the things that matter

And so one day your child also becomes a number. Aggressive number. Consumer. Voter.

Who is the kitsch isolator?
Over 50% of the population is with elementary education only. It takes everything offered.
That population has children.
What is the protection of the children and the isolation for children from low passions?


I have the right to say that I support VALUES!

I have the right to say that my family supports VALUES!

I have the right to say that NASHA TV supports VALUES!

By the way ….. Through the family project with children and adults, BUSHAVI GLAVI on NASHA TV we want to introduce children to many important occupations and public figures who we want to be children’s idols … composers, actors, pianists, performers, artists, directors, painters, hosts, singers, managers, athletes, journalists, choreographers, TV presenters, hosts, coaches, musicians…

We would like for parents to talk to their children about Simon Trpchevski and his occupation and his value, before profit supporters direct your child to low passions and kitsch.

Before the child becomes a number.

Voter. Consumer.

The support so far given to us by the public figures with whom we have shot 260 episodes and covered 1040 different topics, and their participation in the BUSHAVI GLAVI project is invaluable to us.

Thank you!

This is a role model of VALUES!