SPORTS LEGENDS – Legends live with Rubens Muratovski

The SPORTS LEGENDS project is a 60 episode series about over 200 top athletes from several countries in the region who are raised on a level of national heroes. Through their results, the country is recognized globally, but what is more important these people are a positive example, subject to national price and significant element in building the identity of a nation. Here are some of the athletes that are part of this TV project:Slobodan Kachar (box), Jasna Chekarikj (archery), Ivana Shapovikj (track and field), Asmir Kolashinac (track and field), Luka Modrikj (football), Drazhen Dalipagikj (basketball), Milica Mandikj (taekwondo), Mate Parlov Serbia (box), Dragan Kikjanovikj Serbia (basketball).

Many significant sports personalities from Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Slovenia, Montenegro, Romania, Hungary, Greece, Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Kosovo and Macedonia were part of SPORTS LEGEND.