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ALARM for new topic! Intelligence always has an attitude!
Vigorously. Deliberately…Professionally. .Loud and clear.

“ALARM” is a 50-minute debate show that tackles socially engaged and lifestyle topics, with an emphasis on social issues, which require an immediate reaction by the competent state authorities, NGOs and citizens.

Some of the topics that are part of the show, emphasize the gender issues and the place of women in Macedonian society, but there are also topics that are not directly related to this issue, such as family, morality, ethics, aesthetics, culture, art, style, health…

The author and host of the show is Sinolichka Trpkova, one of the biggest Macedonian acting stars in the former Yugoslavia. Each show deals with one topic, and the topics are interesting and provocative, in order to draw the public’s attention to certain situations and issues in our society and to initiate their solution. In this show, we try to open topics that have not been discussed before or have not been discussed sufficiently in public. Unlike other shows of this type, ALARM not only presents the problems that exist in our society, but together with the guests in the studio, tries to offer essential analysis and models for their solution.

Topics are multi-layered and attractive, such as: Late Adulthood, Transition, Taxi Drivers, Healthy Lifestyle, Stem Cells, Persons with Disabilities, Traffic in Skopje, Air Pollution, Changes, Culture, Tourism, and the shows feature prominent guests such as: the ambassadors of the Netherlands and Hungary, the actors Katina Ivanova and Petar Arsovski, the directors Aleksandar Rusjakov and Aleksandar Popovski, the writer Elizabeta Sheleva, the attorney-at-law Jagnula Kunovska, the journalists Jadranka Kostova and Ljupco Popovski, the stylist Sreten Kostikj, the doctor Vasil Jankovski, Mirjana Najchevska etc.

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