A topic dedicated to the elderly, respected citizens in later adulthood, who are a source of life wisdom and serenity, which instils confidence in working to find inner peace, to better understand life and its value. Finally, to learn how to seek happiness, which is something that is chosen in advance, what have we imagined to be our happiness, when will we reach it and what our happiness will be. By sharing many thoughts of eminent figures from our cultural and social life, their views on age, maturity, past time and what is their everyday life, they are all relevant interlocutors on this topic. Stand points of the competent institutions and stand points of the private institutions for care of the elderly, for the attitude towards their care and solidarity. Through a series of examples and personal visits of the elderly, people with disabilities and by sounding on the alarm we try to find a way and means to help them.
Show filled with many emotions and memories, as well as serious assessments of what has to be done and how it has to be done.